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Partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, to bring Dr. Yair Margalit, Margalit Winery, Israel,
as the keynote speaker for the Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association.
Initiated the Young Artists Competition in partnership with OK Mozart.  The competition is expected to become
an annual event during the OK Mozart International Festival in Bartlesville.
Partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to initiate an upcoming Life Sciences Business Exchange
to explore potential strategic partnerships between Israeli and Oklahoma life sciences companies.
Presented in September the internationally acclaimed East Wind Duo comprised of Yossi Arnheim, Principal Flute
and Julia Sverdlov, Principal Harp, of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, performing in Bartlesville, Oklahoma City,
Tishomingo, Tonkawal, and Tulsa.
Host in November, as a fundraiser, the noted speaker Ms. Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT, “American Congress
for Truth”, which provides information about the Middle East conflict.

Partnered with the America-Israel Friendship League to sponsor two high school students to participate in
the Youth Ambassador Student Exchange program to Israel.

Co-hosted a luncheon for Ela Elgarasy, Director of Anti-Terrorism Education, Ministry of Education in Israel, for
an inaugural Teachers Fellowship g Band ConcertProgram at the dOKC National Memorial & Museum.
Partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce on economic development projects, leads and proposals.
Tour to Israel providing in-depth experiences to encourage future trips to Israel by Christian groups.
Supported Israeli film director Elinor Kowarsky’s visit to Hillel/OU in Norman.
Partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture (ODOA) initiating a winery exchange between Oklahoma
and Israeli wineries.
Supported the Tulsa Mayor’s Mission to Israel where they met with community and business leaders from around
the country.
Sponsored a patron event in November at the Ronald Norick Library in Oklahoma City featuring the photography
exhibit “The Spirit of Jerusalem.”
Supported a mission to Israel in November with Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin and other Oklahoma businesses.  

Hosted, as OKIE’s first fund raiser, a recognition dinner for Governor Henry and Treasury Secretary Bufkin at
the Governor’s Mansion in Oklahoma City following Governor Henry’s visit to Israel.
Partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce on economic development projects, leads, and proposals.
Sponsored Chen Zimbalista, Israel’s premier Solo Percussionist, to Oklahoma for performances in Tulsa and
Oklahoma City.
Sponsored Yossi Vassa, Ethiopian Emigrant Artist, for monologue performances in Norman and Tulsa.
Supported an exchange visit between Magen David Adom (MDA), the Tulsa Area Red Cross (TARC), and the
Federal Disaster Emergency Agency (FEMA).
Partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture (ODOA) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) to help sponsor
an Agricultural Mission to Israel for OSU professors and ODOA professionals.
Supported a visit by Mr. Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. to Oklahoma City for an update on Israel. 

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry invited to address anti-terrorism conference in Tel Aviv, Israel during a forum
of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism. The address was part of an eight-day cultural and
business exchange mission sponsored and funded by the Oklahoma Israel Exchange.
Read Governor Henry’s “
A Visit to Israel.”

OKIE participates in international trade officers meetings
Grant to support Tulsa performance of Israel’s Hanoch Rosenn, “The Prince of Mime”
OKIE co-sponsors Trade Days Catalog Show with Okla. Dept. of Agriculture in Turkey, Israel and Jordan
Grant to help support the upcoming musical “Choices” at Oklahoma City University

OKIE co-sponsors Dr. Mordechai Cohen at a horticulture conference with the Okla. Dept. of Agriculture
OKIE supports Arts Festival Oklahoma
OKIE brings representative in Israel to Oklahoma to meet with business leaders and Okla. Dept. of Commerce

OKIE participates in Oklahoma World Trade Conference
OKIE Co-sponsors workshop with the State Chamber of Oklahoma
OKIE provides grants for the following programs:
“Daniel’s Story” exhibit,
Peace Conference at Haifa University,
A resident program in Israel featuring Oklahoma artist Gloria De Duncan, and
A visit by an Israeli conductor

“Esther” Theater performance
Micha Bar Am photo exhibit
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company performance
Agricultural exchanges
Economic development representative in Israel
“Doing Business with Israel” workshop cosponsors with Okla. Dept. of Commerce
OKIE signs Memo of Understanding with Okla. Dept. of Agriculture
Delegation from Department of Agriculture visits Israel in September

HED Big Band Concert
Cultural representative established in Israel
OKC Philharmonic concert honoring agreement
Habrera Hativ’it concert
Shlomo Gronich and Sheba Choir concert
Grant for Peace through Humor Exhibit for Kids’ World
Grant for Red Cross Youth Exchange

ESTA concert
ALIYA photography exhibit
Grant to Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics in Oklahoma City

Mission to Israel for Gov. Keating
Hosts Afula children bombing victims in Oklahoma City
Director of Oklahoma Arts Council visits Israel
HED Music School and University of OKC establishes student and faculty exchanges
and joint degree program

Oklahoma state legislature supports the establishment of OKIE

Mission to Israel for Gov. Walters